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I get questions like this all the time:  What exactly do you do as a financial planner? How much do you charge? What can I expect when working with you?

First of all, my goal is to offer sound advice that helps you reach your financial goals in a meaningful way and I do this by putting you in the driver’s seat. I recognize that my clients are highly intelligent people who don’t have the time, or perhaps the desire, to figure out how to make the most of every cent. But not everyone has the same needs. This is why I’ve created a Menu of Services that allows you to choose a financial planning package based on what YOU need. This way you don’t pay for what you don’t need because nobody likes doing that, right?!

Menu options include packages like:

  • Retirement Planning. This package is designed for someone who’s interested in knowing whether they’re on-track for retirement, how much they should be saving, how to invest in retirement accounts, distribution options, Social Security claiming strategies, and organization tips through the use of technology for tracking their progress.
  • 401(k) Investment Advice. If you don’t know which investment options to choose within your employer-sponsored retirement plan, this is an affordable option where I give you specific recommendations.
  • Pick 3. This package allows you to choose the three services that are most important to you right now. Whether it’s estate planning, saving for college, retirement planning, evaluating executive benefit options, a debt payment strategy, or planning for a major purchase, you make the choice which three are right for you!
  • Investment Management. This option is for anyone who has investment accounts and wants professional management.
  • College Needs Analysis. This service helps you prioritize and clarify your college savings goals, estimate costs, get recommendations on savings vehicles, project whether you’re on-track to reach your goals, and evaluate tax strategies related to college savings.
  • Debt Reduction Consulting. If you need advice related to paying off debt, earning more income, and implementing a budget, this package may be right for you.

You can even add-on additional services like Cash Flow and Budgeting Advice if you need it.

Pricing is based on which package you choose, whether you want lots of hand-holding or if you prefer to implement my recommendations on your own, and includes a 12-month agreement with planning sessions throughout the year. I offer monthly payment plans and discounts for folks that prefer to pay up-front. And the frequency of our meetings depends on which package you choose. It’s really that simple.

To learn more about pricing and which options may be best for you, reach out to me today either by completing the form on this page or emailing me directly at I look forward to helping you gain confidence over your money and simplifying your financial life!

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