News Alert January 2018.pngGrinkmeyer Leonard Financial Named as
Top DC Advisor Teams with AUA Over $100 Million

Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial is honored to be named as of the 2017 Top DC Advisor Teams with Assets Under Advisement (AUA) over $100 million* by the National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA). The list, released in December, ranks firms based on assets under advisement. Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial is is one of only three firms in Alabama to make the list.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for this honor,” said Valerie Leonard, co-founder of Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial. “We remain focused on helping Americans plan, save, and invest wisely so that they can accomplish their life’s goals and create memories with the ones they love.”

To view the full list, please click here.

About Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial
Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial is an industry leader in helping to provide focused, full-service defined contribution consulting services to employers looking for efficient, effective strategies for managing their retirement plans. The firm seeks to help employers maximize plan efficiency, minimize fiduciary risk, increase participation and diversification, boost investment possibilities, and improve the overall plan experience.

About the National Association of Plan Advisors
Founded in 2014, NAPA’s core purpose is to enhance retirement security in America. NAPA is an affiliate organization of the American Retirement Association and is the only advocacy group exclusively focused on issues to that matter to retirement plan advisors.

*The 2017 NAPA Top DC Advisor Firms with Assets Under Advisement over $100 Million List is a compilation of individual advisor firms, or teams, solely ranked by DC (Defined Contribution) assets under advisement. Firms were asked to complete an application and provide information concerning their DC business to NAPA. 325 qualified firms were considered of which 250 (77% of candidates) were recognized. This award is not indicative of the future performance of the firm or its advisors. Your experience may vary. For more information, please visit: